Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Because Professional Protection & Investigations owners and management staff have decades of Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement experience, we are able to offer expert Consulting Services.  For all industries and any personal need, PPI conducts professional and discreet Security Consulting services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Individuals and corporations turn to PPI for the expert analysis that enables them to make an informed decision.

Professional Protection & Investigations has the expertise to help commercial organizations adopt a holistic approach to protecting their people, facilities, and assets. Our services can deliver an independent assessment that reveals the current state of an organization's physical security posture. Professional Protection & Investigations will provide proven solutions to help organizations identify, analyze, measure, and document the security risks facing their assets. Successful management of physical security risk is the result of a comprehensive risk analysis.

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Our professional Consulting staff assist our clients in addressing concerns such as:

Grounds/premise security

An evaluation of the client's physical premises including building, property, and surveillance environment located at a specific site.

Employment Investigations

Background checks on any person or persons that impact the client's premises, physical security, or assets.

Personal Security

An evaluation of the client's physical security needs.

Due Diligence Investigations

Asset Security

An evaluation of the threat to the client's assets.

Deep Background Checks


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We are a Houston Texas Based company locally owned and operated, providing security services for more than a decade.



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