Executive / VIP Protection

Executive protection services

Executive / VIP Protection

  • Full realm of Executive/VIP Protection
  • Plain clothes executive protection agents
  • Armed protection officers

Today’s global executives and high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented risks that require not only immediate on-the-ground protection, but also a high level of thorough security planning, coordination and management. Professional Protection & Investigations (PPI’s) Executive Protection Division provides intelligence-based protection services supported by intelligence information, situational awareness, emergency response coordination, and security concierge services to clients nationwide.

We specialize in personal risk assessment, threat analysis, secure transportation, discreet operations and protecting not only people, but those people’s information and reputations.

Professional Protection & Investigations’ protection and secure transportation services are consistent with the rigorous security standards used by the world’s best agencies. The goal of all assignments is to deploy the most threat-appropriate protective measures while minimizing intrusions into the protectee’s schedule and, when necessary, minimizing public exposure. We work with you to identify your threat profile and develop a customized strategic security plan that includes logistics and operations.

We can formulate advance site survey reports, or more in depth risk assessments in anticipation of your arrival. Our advance personnel are specifically trained in this subject matter and are prepared to identify, investigate and report events that could hinder your ability to achieve your objectives.

Our clients include Fortune 100 companies and their executives, celebrities and high-profile/high net-worth individuals and their families who rely on Professional Protection & Investigations discreet, personal, professional and confidential protection services to facilitate their business careers, public appearances, social activities and private lives, while protecting their property, assets, information and reputation.

Our executive protection services are led and supported by a team of elite federal, state and local law enforcement personnel, and former military special ops, with extensive experience handling high profile clients. They all work together to provide each and every client with the highest level of care. Our experienced armed protection agents and drivers are capable of making the critical decisions that may be necessary in response to an evolving threat condition.

When needed, we provide fully armored Suburbans.

PPI Armed escorts and motorcades

Armed Escorts & Motorcades

Professional Protection and Investigations has the resources and experience to provide our Close Protection / Bodyguard clients with Police Motorcade Escorts. In addition we can also provide fully armored vehicles.



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We are a Houston Texas Based company locally owned and operated, providing security services for more than a decade.




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