Armed Security Houston TX

Who needs the service of armed security personnel?

For our prospective clients who desire a more assertive approach to security, PPI can provide the service of an armed security guard Houston TX. Clients with facilities in areas that have increased risk of criminal activity and companies that operate facilities that are regarded to have critical infrastructure need Armed Security Houston TX. There are also companies whose operations attract criminal conduct naturally that need the help of security personnel. They can get the professional help from armed security companies Houston TX like Professional Protection & Investigations (PPI).

Armed security services with PPI:

Our trained officers are equipped with weapons to protect clients in any location. Along with carrying a handgun, our officers have chemical spray deterrent, handcuffs, and batons. They are prepared to enforce the directives from our clients and assert themselves if and when needed. They are able to react to a much higher threat level when the need arises, and they have authority to detain hostile suspects for the safety of others.

We are happy to speak with prospective clients if they need armed security Houston TX for any establishment like schools, commercial houses, residential properties, special events, or any other place.

PPI’s level of experience:

PPI can provide a superior level of service within the legal scope. The company’s law enforcement knowledge and experience expands three decades through our founders’ effective management practices. We will ensure a continuing level of trust by managing any situation in a calm, organized, and safe manner.

We can offer our clients a wide range of investigative and security services that help us to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. More importantly, we are fully licensed and regulated. We have our license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau. Our local clients can confidently rely on us to fulfill their needs for an armed security officer Houston TX. We also provide unarmed security officer services in the Houston, Texas area.

We have effectively managed thousands of billable hours of uniformed security services. Also, we have carried out hundreds of investigations and more than 300 executive/dignitary protective details. We have the best experience not just in executive and VIP protection but also in armed security services. We hire our armed security officers only after complete background verification, and clients looking for the armed security services Houston TX can rely on us for all their security needs.


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We are a Houston Texas Based company locally owned and operated, providing security services for more than a decade.



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