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Social media investigations

Social media is an essential part of most peoples’ lives today. In fact, it is hard to find individuals without a social media presence nowadays. Studies show that nearly 81% of Americans have a social media profile page. They have some kind of social media page whether it be a photo sharing platform like Instagram or a professional networking platform like LinkedIn.

An analysis of the social media presence of an individual can tell anyone about his/her habits, location, character, opinions, and even hobbies. Regardless of the reason, a social media investigation service can help our clients with gathering the requested information. We can easily research the activities of an individual.

What is a social media investigation?

At PPI we have trained social media investigators Houston TX serving us to help our clients know about the activities of someone on social media. For instance, some of our clients have been concerned about their teens spending most of their free time on the internet conversing with friends or even strangers. With our investigators, our clients have made sure that their children are on the right path and do not fall prey to some illegal activity on social media.

A social media investigation is an in-depth and intensive analysis of the social media presence of someone across different platforms. Investigations can be made whether the account is public or private. Research is done to reveal the character and trustworthiness of the concerned person as well as help in gathering evidence for immoral, unethical, and illegal behavior.

What makes social media investigations powerful?

Social media investigations are influential for several reasons but mainly they help with keeping our client’s worries at ease. Billions of people are accessible online; more than 80% of adults in the United States have some form of a social media account, and nearly 79% of all American adults have a Facebook account. Once someone signs up for an account, they have to abide by privacy rules and maintain the settings. The jargon filled privacy rules and settings of sites like Facebook mean that most people do not realize how public and easily accessible the information they post online is. Investigative services can be crucial in helping your loved ones stay safe from potential strangers or even criminals using social media.

Where will private investigators check?

When our investigators are provided the responsibility to carry out a social media investigation, they will carry out the investigation on different social media sites. For instance, they will check Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Our investigators can carry out customized services for any site the client requests.

Why choose us?

PPI has an extensive experience with investigations spanning the past three decades. We have developed our knowledge and expertise in such a way that we can serve our clients in the virtual world as well. Our investigators use the best tools to make sure that their investigation moves on the right path and the right person as per client’s requests.


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