Infidelity investigations Houston TX

Infidelity Investigations

Studies show that wives suspecting their husbands of cheating are right 85% of the time. Studies also show that husbands suspecting their wives of infidelity are right 50% of the time. According to a study conducted by a therapist, it is reported that 40% of women and 60% of men will become emotionally or physically unfaithful at least once in their marriage. Even though cheating exists, about 54% of married men and 70% of married women are unaware of the infidelity of their spouse.

Most husbands and wives with any doubts are forced to spend days and nights without sleep due to the concern of infidelity within their marriage. With PPI’s experience in Infidelity investigations Houston TX, we can carry out the investigation in a manner so that the person in concern can find the answer discreetly.

Why carry out a private investigation?

There is a wide range of reasons why it’s not the best choice for our clients to investigate infidelity on their own. A main reason is that it is physically and emotionally draining. Our Infidelity investigators Houston TX will find out the information in less time and without an emotional attachment. While an upset spouse might capture videos or pictures of the cheating spouse, that evidence gathered might not be valid in front of a court of law. On the other hand, with our unbiased investigation and knowledge of family law, we will generate proofs that are valid and will be considered by the court.

What will our investigators do for you?

Our investigators at PPI will work based on your needs. However, in most cases, the investigation to catch a cheating spouse will encompass the following:

Client discussion: Before they actually begin their investigation, our investigators will gather as much information as possible about the individual in question. They will gather all details including his/her regular activities and hobbies. Even though it might be painful, the more information the client shares, the more successful the investigation will be. We assure each client that we will maintain privacy and professional standards.

Surveillance: Our private investigator will keep an eye on our client’s spouse. They will use advanced surveillance methods to make sure the client obtains the evidence they need. These methods include monitoring his/her internet activity, searching for assets, and monitoring the vehicle of the spouse.

Proof Presentation: The proof gathered by our private investigators will also be valid in the court for probable divorce settlements.

What can you expect from our investigation?

Investigations into a cheating spouse can range from a couple of hours to several months. No matter the time length, we will carry out a discreet investigation in such a way that a cheating spouse will not know that an investigator was hired. The steps described above will be fulfilled, and our investigations are always tailored to each client’s specific needs.


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