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Corporate Security Houston TX is a valuable resource for every organization because of the increase of competition among businesses and the increase of threats from competitors for corporate organizations. With a professional service like PPI, we assure our clients that their organization will remain completely safe against intruders. Also, their valuable assets will remain safe with our corporate security service.

Why choose PPI for your corporate security needs?

We want to assure our clients that we offer a professional level of corporate security to their organization. We offer this service for a number of organizations in Houston and we want to share that our clients are completely satisfied with the level of comfort they get from our service. PPI stands out because:

  • We follow strict accountability measures.
  • We offer the best protection and dependability, and we provide premium customer service on our part to our clients.
  • Further, our experience in offering security services helps us to provide satisfactory service no matter if the corporate organization is a small or large enterprise.
We guarantee that our corporate security officers are not just experienced, but they have the right training in handling a number of scenarios in case any unexpected activity happens.

PPI is locally owned out of Houston and provides the best and most reliable corporate security services Houston TX. Our organization is owned and managed by career police officers who have a combined experience of 36 years in the police department. They are skilled with additional management experience in the Private Security Domain.

What type of industries do we serve?

Corporate security officers with PPI can offer encompassing services for all the security needs of various organizations. We have an expert level of experience in offering security to a wide range of areas and structures like festivals, marinas, industrial complexes, gated communities, residential properties, parking lots, guard shacks, hotels, schools, and any other commercial or residential area.

How do we select our security officers?

We know that our clients need the service of the most dependable security officers, and ensuring security is our first priority at PPI. We wish to share with you that each corporate security officer working for our organization is hired only after a rigorous filtering process, and they are carefully selected after conducting a complete background verification.

Our expert management team will make the final decision with respect to the selection of the right security officers to serve our clients. Also, we pay an attractive salary to our security officers as we believe that paying a premium price will bring premium security officers for service.

In addition to attractive pay we offer complete health benefits, advancement opportunities, and vacation pay to make sure that our employees feel satisfied and secure about their job. Our security officers, regardless of whether they are uniformed or not, will act professionally to offer the best security service to any corporate organization.


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We are a Houston Texas Based company locally owned and operated, providing security services for more than a decade.



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