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Civil litigation investigative services

At Professional Protection & Investigations we understand that there is always a need for identifying and capturing information and evidence in civil litigations. We have experience with investigating simple cases and complex cases. It is essential to identify information that may not be available through a brief and normal course of discovery, so we have trained and professional civil litigations investigators Houston TX to provide extensive investigations.

Attorneys who depend solely on identification requests and subpoenas can restrict their ability and effectiveness for achieving the utmost defense for the client. Therefore, qualified and experienced private investigators can provide civil litigation support with more complex cases that would benefit greatly from the expertise of PPI’s professionals.

With our expertise and experience in serving attorneys both in civil and criminal cases, we can handle not just civil litigation, but also criminal litigation with precision and professionalism. We can carry out discreet private investigations to meet the needs of attorneys and other clients.

Why choose PPI for civil litigation investigations?

PPIs private investigators will precisely understand the needs of both attorneys and their clients with respect to civil litigation. With our experience in this field we can assist attorneys in finding assets, locating witnesses, and conducting background checks on litigants and witnesses. We will carry out investigations using our experienced agents and police detectives at each stage of civil proceedings. Our investigators can effectively question witnesses and identify any wrongdoings during the initial interview as well as carry out background verifications on important evidence in the investigation.

We assure our clients that we will be there with them at all stages of the litigation process and can offer them the right advice and help. We can work with attorneys in investigations of civil cases be it in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant. Our experts will gather the key facts that are crucial to the success in the courtroom from the beginning of the lawsuit to the final verdict. We at PPI can carry out the following services for attorneys in the civil investigation process:

  • Retrieval of evidence and documents
  • Pretrial jury panel profile
  • Probate and estate investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Juror polls
  • Scene investigation
  • Limiting the scope of discovery
  • Reviewing documents
  • Locating assets
  • Conducting fact investigations
  • Managing investigative cases
  • Interviewing, locating, and identifying witnesses

We believe that our greatest strength is our founders. PPI is owned and effectively managed and operated by former career police officers. Both of them jointly have 36 years of experience in serving in the police department. They have experience in a wide range of roles like special weapons and tactics, crowd control, large event emergency response, crisis intervention, criminal investigations, hostage negotiations, field training supervision, and patrol supervision.

Their experience extends to providing complete protection to dignitaries, executives and even Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States. They are effectively guiding our staff with any investigative services requested by our clients.


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