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Background investigation services with PPI

With our experience in background investigations Houston TX, we found that 30% of all small business failures happen due to employee theft. As for non-attentive hiring lawsuits, studies show that the average cost borne by employers is nearly a million dollars. Further, the replacement cost of an employee reaches nearly $3000 per year. With all this information, hiring the right employee becomes pertinent. This is where our investigation services can help organizations engaged in the hiring process in Texas.

In addition to a professional background investigation, we also carry out personal investigations as well. With our extensive experience in handling private background investigations, we can tailor an investigation process that will meet the needs of our clients. We can offer the best personal investigation service not just for employers planning to hire employees, but also for hiring tenants, roommates, nannies, and babysitters for individuals. Our potential clients trust these individuals with more personal information, and background investigations can help with building that trust.

When it comes to checking professional backgrounds, we understand that a quality background investigation can ensure the employer hires the best employees. Further, we also offer an in-depth background check for employers and individuals looking for that specific service from us.

Why hire us for your private investigation needs?

At Professional Protection and Investigations (PPI) we use the appropriate investigative strategies and tools required for carrying out background checks in a meticulous manner. These private investigations happen without the knowledge of the person about whom we carry out the investigation.

For all domains and all personal requirements, we conduct discreet private and professional investigations for meeting the diverse requirements of our clients. Be it a law firm or another company, we can carry out background checks that will help companies arrive at an informed decision in hiring the right employees.

Educational qualification investigation

We offer educational verification services that will help not just in identifying how qualified applicants are, but more importantly, our clients will learn the level of honesty of their potential employees. If an applicant has stated in the application that he is a graduate, and if from our investigation we find that he has not yet completed the graduation, it means that they are a dishonest applicant. When he has lied to get a job, what is the assurance that he will not continue to do the same in the future to retain the job? PPI can help our clients get a well-rounded understanding of future employees.

Employment verification

Along with educational qualification verification, PPI can provide employment verification services. We will evaluate and investigate the experience stated by our client’s potential applicants. When we carry out background checks we will evaluate whether the details stated in the application or resume are true with respect to educational qualification, experience, character, or any other specific aspect our clients want us to investigate about their candidates.

Background checking requirements in Texas can be effectively handled by Professional Protection & Investigations.


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