Armed Patrol Services

Armed patrol services:

Most businesses, office buildings, and residential complexes these days will benefit from hiring security guards. They do this for a wide range of reasons like to create a secure business environment, to create a safe atmosphere for the increasing number of families in a residence, to create deterrence, and other particular security concerns.

One main reason to have an armed patrol Houston TX visible is to make sure that any crimes can be deterred. When a criminal sees a uniformed security guard on the premises, they will find another target that is not well protected. Criminals are deterred because of the fear of getting caught by an armed patrol officer.

More about PPI’s uniformed and visible security patrol:

Everyday people will know that a business’s community or residential complex is safe and protected when they see uniformed, visible, and well-equipped security personnel working in the area. It also lets others know that the area has a knowledgeable management staff, and this can attract customers to a business or residence providing more revenue.

We can provide any individual or business with complete peace of mind when they hire patrol services with PPI. Our clients know and trust that their business and their lives are being conducted in a secure and safe environment.

More about our patrol vehicles:

At PPI, we use marked and unmarked law enforcement patrol vehicles that are equipped with spotlights, GPS tracking devices, law enforcement markings, mobile and radio communications, and emergency lights. We provide both armed and unarmed patrol officers to operate vehicles and protect areas. This option is based on our client’s choice.

In addition, we will update the patrol reports for our clients through an online automated system. We will not ask our clients to download any software to view the reports. They simply use the login credentials that we share when they enter into the service agreement with us. Using this resource, they can see the updated reports on our system at any time via the internet. Our clients can access real-time information which is an outstanding communication tool that PPI promises.

What types of patrol services do we offer?

PPI offers continuous patrol services for clients who need on-site constant security patrol for their property, and we will happily fulfil our client’s specific requests. We also offer scheduled or random patrol services. This is a service that we have designed for helping our clients who need intermittent property patrols or security checks. For instance, this service can be helpful for homeowners associations, warehouses, and gas & oil facilities.

For customers looking for the most dependable service, we are happy to share that our business is BBB Accredited with an A+ rating. Customers can easily gather details about our business and our experience in this field before hiring us for their security needs. We are always available for a free consultation for potential clients and can be contacted by phone, email, or through our website contact page.


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