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Bodyguard services with PPI:

A bodyguard is essential when it comes to personal protection. A bodyguard is a professional who should offer clients, and their families, personal safeguarding that will ensure complete peace of mind for their security and safety. In particular, high profile individuals are at a higher risk of personal assault, kidnapping, and being the victim of terroristic threats or attacks. For these reasons getting help from bodyguard services Houston TX is key.

Bodyguards to match clients:

In the United States, there were many instances where high profile murders have happened. These were attacks and murders that would have been avoided if there were bodyguard services safeguarding the VIPs. With this in mind, Professional Protection and Investigations (PPI) has created a comprehensive approach that will effectively meet the security needs of our clients, their lifestyle, and their risk profile. All bodyguards working for PPI are highly trained. We hire every agent after an extensive background verification to make sure that the client is always under the care of a qualified individual. Our security staff realizes that the need of each client will be unique based on their profile, position, and lifestyle.

Both armed and unarmed:

Our bodyguard services Houston TX has both armed and unarmed security personnel to take care of the security needs of our clients. We know that some clients look for a more aggressive approach when it comes to personal safeguarding, while some look for a softer approach. We have both unarmed and armed personnel to take care of the bodyguard needs of our clients.

The clients we serve:

Our clients include Fortune 100-500 company’s employees, high net-worth/high-profile individuals, celebrities, and executives. We offer the best executive protection services to make sure that not only the social activities and public appearances of our clients happen in a safe manner, but also all clients’ reputation, information, assets, and property are secured. We offer not only executive-level protection, but also have the right expertise to provide security services to offices, residential complexes, schools, and other areas.

What makes us special?
Our executive protection services are led and supported by a team of local, state, and federal enforcement personnel. Also, our management team includes former military trained police officers who have an extensive background in handling high-profile clients. We all work together as a team by providing our clients with the highest level of care they expect from us. Our experienced protection agents are efficient in making critical decisions when it comes to safeguarding our clients. They will quickly respond when they feel that a threat situation is approaching our clients.

Nowadays, the need for security services is crucial due to increasing security threats. We are here to help our prospective clients with the best service that they expect from a professional security service in the Houston area.

We maintain that we are the best among the Bodyguard companies Houston TX has to offer. We are experienced and equipped with the right tools and technical knowledge required for effectively protecting our clients.


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